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2016-05-16 09:28:51

The Paediatrics Emergency Center (PEC) in Al Sadd, run by the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) yesterday introduced a new cashless payment system for all its services. 

Cash payments will no longer be accepted at the PEC, with implementation of the new system that has been trialed successfully for the past three months, HMC said yesterday.

Patients visiting PEC Al Sadd will now need to pay by credit, debit or e-cash card (a new card available from Qatar National Bank for QR20, which can be topped up and used to pay for government services), instead of using cash.

PEC patients paying cash for medications will be able to pay at the pharmacy counter instead of visiting the cashier, allowing them to retrieve and pay for prescriptions more efficiently. The cashless system will also allow any subsequent payments for services to be taken at the registration counter. Implementation of this new payment method is part of a wider program looking at streamlining and enhancing the overall patient experience across the Hama Medical Corporation (HMC) facilities.

Assistant Director of Paediatrics Emergency Centres, Dr Mohamed Al Amri, said: “By eliminating a step in the payment process, we hope to save valuable time for our young patients and their families who are visiting the PEC Al Sadd.” 

So far, HMC has piloted the cashless system with great success at the Women’s Hospital and Bone and Joint Centre. HMC said it is planning to implement the system across all of its facilities in the near future.

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