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2016-04-11 10:38:26

Garages and scrap shops in plots earmarked for such facilities in the Doha Industrial Area have been allowed to use part of their premises for offices, stores and workers’ accommodations.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment has amended some urban planning rules to this effect, apparently to meet the shortage of labour accommodations and commercial space in the area.

The amended rules apply to garages and scrap shops located between Kassarat Street and Western Industrial Area Street up to the intersection 125/33 (east) and Street 33 (west) intersection. The government has allocated plots in this area exclusively for such facilities.

ccording to the amended rules, plots for garages and scrap shops have been allowed to have accommodation for workers, offices and stores, within the area of the plot, the ministry said yesterday.

The ministry has also issued guidelines for the height and structure of buildings used for garages and scrap shops. According to amended rules, they are allowed to have ground floor plus two floors, and the upper floor can be used for workers’ accommodation.

They are also allowed to have an underground facility that can be used as a special parking area. Twenty percent of the underground space can be used as store. However, this will need special approval from the authorities concerned at the ministry. “This amendment comes in response to demand from citizens and investors and to implement a flexible planning policy, in line with the policy determining the number of floors in buildings. The competent technical department at the ministry will study all applications for developing the designated plots,” said a ministry statement.

The amendment is expected to expand public services and facilities in the designated area, allowing buildings to have offices, stores and accommodations in the same place. It would also help reduce transportation and accommodation cost for workers employed with garages and scrap shops.

In a related move, the ministry recently allowed houses in some popular streets to use part of their premises for commercial purposes. 

According to amended rules, extensions or majlises of houses directly overlooking the commercial streets in seven areas can be modified and licensed for commercial purposes. This move was also intended to boost business and address the shortage of commercial and office space in Doha and its outskirts. It allows many families to take advantage of the location of their homes while having the right to keep the structure of their main premises intact, if they wish. They can continue to stay in their homes, while using part of the premises for commercial activities.

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