a couple of years ago
2016-05-17 09:43:43

As per Local Arabic daily Al Sharq vehicle owners will not be charged for the first 30 minutes from the time they enter the parking area of a mall. Also, if a person fails to find a parking slot within the first half an hour, he will be allowed to leave parking area without paying anything.

Shopping malls can charge a maximum parking fee of QR70 for a day, as per new rate structure prepared by a committee at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC).

Daily further adds the new charges would be as follows: QR2 per hour for the first two hours, QR3 per hour for the third and fourth hours and QR5 for every additional hour thereafter, with a maximum fee of QR70 for a day. 

Further, the new fee structure stipulates that a fine of QR70 is to be paid by a motorist for losing the parking ticket.

Rates have also been fixed for valet services. The maximum fee will be QR30 for regular valet parking and QR60 for VIP valet parking.  

Many car owners in Qatar have welcomed the new regulation issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) to control car parking and valet service charges levied by malls and shopping centers.

Most of them have particularly hailed the MEC decision asking malls and shopping centres not to charge customers who leave the parking areas within 30 minutes after failing to find a parking space.

It was unreasonable of malls and shopping centres to charge customers who failed to get parking space, said a car owner.

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