a couple of years ago
2016-05-12 11:46:48

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced a change in school hours for students in primary, middle and secondary schools in Qatar.

According to a circular issued by the schools affairs department of the ministry to all independent school principals, school timings in all schools and kindergartens are to be changed as from May 15.

School hours should end at 11:10 am in kindergartens while primary schools will now close at 11:45am. For preparatory and secondary schools, they are now to close by 12:35pm, said the directive from the ministry.

The move is aimed at reducing traffic congestion in peak times, it said. The ministry said it annually reviews school hours system in the interest of the students. 

"The decision comes within the ministry's keenness to provide an opportunity for students to study and prepare for the end-of-year exams without affecting the quality of education," the ministry added.

Citing the approaching hot temperatures, some parents had recently asked the ministry to reduce school hours in order to help children who are struggling to concentrate on their studies due to the heat, some Arabic dailies reported.

According to the parents, leaving schools early during the summer period will help them arrive home on time and have enough rest which will also help their ability to study.


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