a couple of years ago
2016-04-18 10:40:34

The registration of new students with Additional Educational Support Needs (AESN) in kindergartens (KGs) is only for Qataris, while the registration in the first grade is allowed for both Qatari as well as expatriate students with special needs, according to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

In a circular issued to independent schools, the ministry said students who suffer from speech and language problems, hearing disability, hyperactivity disorder and physical disabilities, not associated with mental disabilities, can register directly through independent schools.

Hearing impaired students of different ranges can register at Audio Education Complex.

Blind students who suffer from severe visual impairment can register at Al Noor Institute for the Blind.

Children who suffer from diseases like cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, autism and others can apply through Roua Centre for Assessment, Support and Counseling under the Special Education Office to determine the right school for the students.

Meanwhile, the ministry has issued a circular to independent schools, asking them to admit children of employees working in the private sector in areas which do not have private schools like Al Shamal, Dukhan, Rawdat Rashid, Al Karaana, Al Shahaniya, Al Ghuwariyah, Al Zubara, Al Kharsaah, Al Kaaban, Al Ghashamia and Al Jamiliyah.

According to the circular, all admission and registration requirements should be met and the parents should provide documents proving their residence in the area.

Students cannot be transferred to independent schools in areas which have private schools.


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